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As It Is lyrics


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     As It Is
    >> Lakaien Deine
        Set my teeth as hard as i can until my jaws start to clench
    These are the facts i've to accept and ther's no chance for me to blench
    And i think it is banal, fix my eyes upon the ceiling
    Always remain on the positive side: "another dawn will bring the healing"
    Winter is coming
    Winter is coming
    Experience keeps me alive and: "out of sight, out of mind"
    Start to count "2,3,4,5", i will survive, leave it all behind
    And more and more i feel the snow, tiny crystals prick my eyes
    Falling from sluggish, heavy clouds under your brand new paradise
    Winter is coming
    Winter is coming
    Thought myself prepared for this, yes one day i shall have to pray
    So i'm lying, eyes wide open, taking note of my decay
    No more tears, no lamentation in this house that you called home
    This is here and this is now, and it says: "yes i'm alone"
    Winter is coming
    Winter is coming
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